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September 19, 2006

Justice According to the Vindictive Witch of Aso Rock

by SpinCity Spinoza --- The amala scientists are at it again. Their drums of injustice are again beating mercilessly against Atiku Abubaka, the Vice President of Nigeria. A few months ago, the same drums sounded furiously with Yoruba fists of fury, invoking all kinds and patterns of iambic voodoologies to effect their trance possession on anybody who disagreed with their blatant injustice on the Constitution of Nigeria.

They are at it again. Their deception demons are at work again. Their sound is again deafening, and the variegated tribes in Nigerian are again at the middle of their shameless ceremonial magic and sophistical sorcery. In the past, their slogan was One Nigeria according to their messiah. Today, their slogan has become Justice for Nigeria according to their messiah. But Justice has nothing to do with devilish sorceries and tribal psychosis. Justice obeys the laws, treats everybody equitably, and harms no innocent citizen with impunity.

For Nigeria to exist as One, there must be justice for all. You cannot have justice for all if one man continues to trample upon the instruments of justice. If the chief law enforcer continues to behave as if he is above the laws of Nigeria, then there can never be justice for anybody in Nigeria, including Atiku or you and me. Atiku may be your comfortable victim today. Tomorrow, it may be your turn to suffer the same injustice at the hands of the same vindictive and lawless chief.

Justice demands equity because without equity there is no remedy and without remedy there will be no justice. If Atiku is corrupt, so is your messiah. If your messiah is corrupt, so are his children, wives, concubines, Ahmadu Ali, Chris Uba, Adedibu, Anenih, and thousands of his killers in SSS and police forces. Justice requires that the laws of Nigeria be equitably applied to them all. If you must prosecute Atiku, you must prosecute them all. If Atiku must be prosecuted today, they all must be prosecuted today. Anything less is injustice and sorcery.

If a citizen of Nigeria has harmed the interests of the peoples of Nigeria, then he or she must be prosecuted by the laws of Nigeria. This is Mill’s Harm Principle as delineated in his “On Liberty”. So long as a man or woman is not harming any other person in the society, he or she must be left alone by the government because the government has no authority to abridge the liberty of a harmless citizen. This is the undeniable foundation of all laws under all democratic arrangements. The principle requires that all offenders be dealt with swiftly and justly, because by not doing so you would have harmed both the interests of the offenders and the interests of the society. The only purpose for which a lawful body such as the National Assembly can justly and rightfully exercise the power of punishment over any citizen of Nigeria, against his will, is to remedy past harms or to prevent future harms to other citizens of Nigeria. To use the power of the Nigeria government to censor or obstruct any individual from giving expression to his wishes and ideas will likely come back and HARM Nigeria, for as the wind blows, so do the views of justice/injustice and today's 'just' ideas will become tomorrow’s 'unjust ideas' and the censors/obstructers would likely become the censored/obstructed.

Can you honestly and in good conscience claim that Obasanjo is not a thief and a murderer? Can you claim that Bola Ige was not murdered by Obasanjo and his thugs? If you can not prosecute the crime against the Attorney General of Nigeria, then you have no rights to claim that another citizen of Nigeria has harmed the interests of the people of Nigeria. If Obasanjo can be allowed to enjoy an unlimited capacity and power to satisfy his egotistical cravings of harming all his enemies with the instruments of the Nigeria State, then you have no legal or moral basis to administer punishment to any other Nigerian. If Obasanjo should be allowed to continue to use Nigeria resources for his own private ambitions at the expense of the starving masses in Nigeria, then you must not hound any other citizen of Nigeria for whatever reason.

We are all predisposed to doing things that would satisfy our personal interests and desires. The rules of justice require that we generally do things that will promote the interests of the society in which we live because doing so helps to satisfy our own individual interests. By helping to maintain functional roads and schools and hospitals in our society, we are therein helping our own individual interests. If Obasanjo must be allowed to use our God-given resources to satisfy his own personal interests in his private libraries, private universities, and private farms, then you must not waste your time looking into his personal vendetta against his own personal enemies. But if you must allow the man the pleasure of satisfying his over-bloated ego and the interests of the people in his immediate environment while prosecuting other Nigerians, then you must know that you have unleashed war of all against all; every Nigerian has the same God-given power and equal capacity to harm the next Nigerian; everybody will be in a state of war with everybody else.

Posted by Administrator at September 19, 2006 07:40 AM


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